Video Game Addiction Treatment In South Africa

Addiction to video games is a clinical impulse control condition similar to that of compulsive gambling. Addiction to video games meets all the same diagnostic criteria as substance addiction.
In both circumstances, the individual develops a greater need for the source over time, and experiences more irritability and depression in the absence of it. Addicts can even go through withdrawal from playing video games. South Africa is home to a burgeoning population of recovering addicts, counsellors, and specialists, making it an excellent setting for the best drug rehabs South AfricaGet in touch with us for more information on our affordable Rehab.
Here, we take a closer look at video game addiction and discover some effective treatment methods. We offer world-class video game addiction treatment in South Africa at affordable prices.

What is video game addiction?

Addiction to video games, also known as Internet Gaming Disorder, is defined by a loss of control over gaming behaviour that has detrimental consequences for many aspects of life.
Internet gaming is the most common source of problem gambling, while it can affect players of any electronic device.
Some experts believe that increased dopamine levels contribute significantly to the problem of video game addiction. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that functions in the brain’s reward system.
Addiction is seen by therapists as operating similarly across the board. The behaviour itself serves as a substitute for the substance in the case of addictions to sex, gambling, and video games.
Because the addict associates the activity with positive emotions, he or she will want to engage in it as much as possible.
Experts in the field of video game addiction agree that the problem likely has a psychological basis. They argue that compulsive gamers use their virtual worlds as an escape from their real-life problems and emotions. Recent research found that 41% of online gamers play to disconnect from the real world.
The professionals working in rehabs for video game addiction are trained to identify the root reasons of their patients’ struggles and work with them to find lasting solutions.

Comprehensive guide on Video Game Addiction Treatment
Comprehensive guide on Video Game Addiction Treatment

Signs and symptoms of video gaming addiction

A few of the tell-tale signs of video game addiction are: • Negative effects on academics, productivity at work, and ability to handle household chores as a direct result of too much time spent playing video games. • The appearance of negative emotions like depression, anxiety, or anger when access to video games is suddenly cut off. • An ever-increasing time commitment required to achieve the same degree of gaming satisfaction. • Allowing gaming take the place of other interests or friendships. • Being unable to cut back on gaming or stop playing altogether despite the detrimental effects it has on one’s life. • Deceptively downplaying video game time in conversations with loved ones. • Excessive gaming has led to a deterioration in personal hygiene and/or grooming. • Playing video games as a distraction from tense personal or professional situations or to avoid arguments at home. • Playing video games can help lift depressing emotions like regret or despair.

In order to be diagnosed with an internet gaming condition, your gaming habits must be severe enough to significantly interfere with your daily life, relationships, schoolwork, and/or job performance. To be considered reliable, these trends should have persisted for at least a year.

Video Game Addiction Treatment South Africa

Talk therapy, or psychotherapy, is the primary method of treating internet gaming disorder, sometimes known as a video game addiction.
Psychotherapy is a word used to describe a range of interventions designed to help patients recognise and alter destructive patterns of thought and action during video game addiction treatment at a rehab center.
You and your loved ones can benefit from the counsel, education, and support provided by a mental health expert (such a psychologist or psychiatrist) who you consult.
CBT, or cognitive-behavioural therapy, is a method of video game addiction treatment that emphasises disciplined, focused effort toward a defined set of objectives. Talking to a therapist or psychologist might help you examine your inner world and gain insight.
You will learn that your thoughts determine your behaviour. The goal of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for video game addiction is to help the addict replace unhealthy thought patterns and habits with more positive ones.
Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a group of people meet with a therapist or psychologist to share their experiences and work through their issues in a safe and supportive environment.
If a person’s addiction to video games has caused them to withdraw from friends and peers, group therapy can be an invaluable source of motivation and moral support in helping them overcome their addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there treatment for video game addiction?

Psychotherapy is the primary method of treating internet gaming disorder, sometimes known as a video game addiction. Psychotherapy is a word used to describe a range of interventions designed to help patients recognise and alter destructive patterns of thought and action.

How long must someone have a gaming disorder for it to be diagnosed?

An individual with gaming disorder will have exhibited problematic behaviour for at least 12 months, and this behaviour must be severe enough to cause considerable impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational, or other critical areas of functioning.

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