Our Programme

Our Programme
Our Approach

We Care About the Whole Person

We take into account the individual needs of each of our clients and give them the tools they need to change. We do this by focusing our efforts on the effects that addiction has on the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Treating the Mind

Addiction is often accompanied by a mental illness. We offer dual diagnosis treatment where our staff psychiatrists and psychologists help each client overcome the mental effects of addiction.

Respecting the Body

Addiction has an effect on the entire physical state. Our approach to treatment integrates exercise and a variety of outdoor activities to help each of our clients learn how to take care of their bodies, and develop healthy habits that will follow them into life after treatment.

Understanding Spiritual Principles

Our programme uses the 12 Steps as a guide to the recovery process. We will work to instill spiritual principles like honesty, hope, faith, integrity, and discipline in our clients. Participating in our spiritual therapy is optional.

Our Programme
Our Team

We have a team of dedicated, caring staff

With experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and professional nurses on staff, we offer a truly multidisciplinary approach to recovery. Included on our team are senior members, many of whom have walked their own road of recovery and are able to guide others to freedom through sharing their own experiences.

Our Programme
Our Programme
Our Programme
Our Programme
The Treatment Experience

Committed to Your Long-Term Success

Through a variety of constructive and developmental activities, our experienced counselors will establish trust with their clients, help them practice sober living during treatment, and give them the tools they need for long-term recovery.

Qualified Therapy

Individual sessions under the guidance of multi-disciplinary team.

Initial Psychiatric Assessment

Professional psychiatric assessment is conducted if necessary by a highly qualified professor of psychiatry.

Routine Medical Examinations

Our professional on-site nurses assist with routine medical examinations including vitals signs like blood pressure and blood sugar. Referral is made to necessary specialists as required.

Monitoring of Medication

All medication is administered and monitored by professional nursing staff, including dispensation of basic OTC medications.

Onsite GP Visits

We have on-site consultations with professionals including a GP, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.  If necessary, referral is made to other specialists.

Individual Counselling

Cognitive Behavioural Approach, Person Centred Approach and Trauma Debriefing

Life-skill Enhancement Groups

Coping skills and strategies to overcome life challenges and become more resilient

Daily Therapeutic Groups

Vulnerability groups, goal-setting groups, positive reinforcement groups, CBT and DBT-based groups

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions are scheduled on-site or via Zoom/video-calling, as part of the process.

12 Step Programme

Lectures and written work/individual counselling

Nature Therapy

Hiking trails in surrounding forest areas, hikes along the White River and reflection times at the river banks.


Visits to local communities whereby our clients interact and give back to disadvantaged and disabled children and animals.

Team Building

Weekends include fun activities ranging from a variety of creative pursuits, to themed dinner evenings, games, challenging activities, mindfulness days and self-care.

In-House NA Meetings

Clients are required to attend one weekly support group meeting, hosted in-house

Aftercare Planning

Clients are guided through the construction of an individualised aftercare treatment plan with referral to various support structures

Our Programme

Ongoing Care After Leaving Treatment

After completing a programme at White River Recovery Centre, many of our clients return to the same situation they left 3 months earlier. This can be a challenging transition. So we offer each client ongoing counseling and therapeutic support as they return home from treatment.