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Recovery Centre at White River

#1 Best Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa

We can help you overcome addiction and substance use disorders with the best care and treatment programme at our affordable rehab centres. White River Recovery Centre is a comprehensive Christian addiction treatment centre that offers a 3-month drug addiction treatment program for men and women living with active drug addiction. We treat different types of addiction at our inpatient drug rehab with a comprehensive therapy plan that’s designed to put you on the road to lasting recovery.

We are a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in South Africa offering world-class rehab programmes at affordable rates.

Addiction relating specifically to drug abuse is classified as a complex disease and there is no quick fix when it comes to long-lasting recovery from drugs.
The side effects of substance abuse are often inherently accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder. This why we have a holistic approach, and we provide a multi-disciplinary team of addiction care specialists and addiction counsellors at our addiction recovery center in South Africa. Our goal, as what many consider to be the best rehab in South Africa, is to provide you a level of care and comprehensive substance abuse treatment respectfully and compassionately.

White River Rehab focuses on your overall health and recovery process not just the underlying substance addiction.

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Restore Your Destiny

Our beautiful 7-hectare facility is nestled in the famous Lowveld, adjacent to the White River and only 30 minutes from Kruger National Park. Recovery Centre is favoured by many as one of the best rehab facilities in South Africa as it offers the perfect environment for our clients to receive treatment services that will restore balance in their lives and find true freedom from dependency. Our team of multifaceted professionals have built our intensive therapeutic programme around the core values of respect, dignity and compassion. We work closely with each client to ensure that their unique individual needs are met, and they are empowered to begin sober living that will grant them lasting rehabilitation for substance abuse.

Quality, Affordable Care

The Best Quality Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for an Affordable Price

We provide individualized care that confronts every aspect involved with the disease of addiction for an affordable price. Our unique 3-month programme focuses on restoring a healthy lifestyle through daily constructive and developmental activities while being one of the most cost-effective rehabilitation options for substance abuse in South Africa.

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  • I have found a purpose for my life


    RCWR has been an absolute life changing experience for me. I came here looking for answers and with the help of some amazing counsellors, I have found a purpose for my life. The program just works. I’ve increased my understanding of what a balanced and structured life really entails. After these three months I feel that I have a better chance of finding happiness and fulfillment in my life.

  • I would recommend RCWR


    I have been in and out of recovery for 12 odd years now and I can say White River Recovery Centre is the most professional facility I have attended. The key factors would be the combination of epic one on one as well as group therapy sessions. I’ve finally really, deeply and truly found out who I am and from this platform I can move forward and live a happier life. For anyone struggling with addiction no matter where you are in life I would recommend RCWR

  • Life changing experience of note


    Coming here has honestly been the most valuable decision I’ve made thus far, a life changing experience of note. I would recommend RCWR to anyone who would like to step up and make the change they need in their lives. As this is what it has done for me. It works!

  • It has been life changing for me


    Best Recovery process I ever experienced. It has been life changing for me. Thank you so much for giving me hope, purpose and direction again Alan Strachan and Mike Freeman I am forever in your debts for speaking love and truth back into my life. I love you brothers in-Christ to bits.

  • A place filled with love and support


    I was broken, busted and not to be trusted. I was a 21 year old Dutch guy who slipped and fell in his constant search for happiness and fight with my emotions. I got caught by drugs that made me feel happy and comforted. That was until I was held a label above my head saying addict. Lost all my money, my loved ones, my relationships and the things I stood for. It took awhile for me to accept I had a problem and needed help. Once I did it, it led me to a place filled with people who shared the same problem as I had. A place filled with love and support. It helped me deal and shape my emotions. It taught me the lessons that will make me love myself, to see that I will do great things and that I can take life head on. White River Recovery Centre is a safe place without any judgement that drugs serenity and wisdom to your life and now I have to carry that out.

Our Team

Dedicated, Experienced Team

Our rehab programme and treatment team consist of experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, qualified therapists, professional nurses, and certified addiction counsellors. All truly care about the needs of each client in their dedicated approach to treatment for drug addiction.

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Our Facility

Beautiful 7 Hectare Facility Nestled Alongside the White River

Our 7-hectare facility, nestled in the famous Lowveld scenery of northern South Africa, is on the outskirts of Kruger National Park, making it one of the most scenic rehabilitation centres in Mpumalanga. The backdrop of beautiful nearby mountains and waterfalls create a healing environment that promotes inner harmony and will help you focus on your rehabilitation of drugs and alcohol.

  • More info about us


    Addiction recovery is not simply a case of “stopping what you’re doing”. Recovery requires that you change how you think, how you react and how you behave in certain situations. Recovery and the rehab process at a drug rehab centre involves treating the whole body and not just removing the substance or a harmful activity from your life.

    This is why Recovery Centre is more than an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre:

    • we are a safe place where you can rest and heal your mind, body and soul
    • we are a caring community that has your back
    • we are family until you can heal broken bonds with your own family
    • we are a rehab centre that treats all types of addictions and co-occurring mental disorders
    • we are an experienced team that uses tried-and-tested methods and modern-day techniques to equip you with the tools you need to face past, current and future challenges.

    Why we offer a 3-month programme

    Recovery Centre at White River caters for men and women with an active addiction that need inpatient treatment for longer than the standard 28-day programme that is covered by medical aids. Long-term treatment at an inpatient rehab centre can lead to a higher recovery rate and it’s recommended for people who have battled addiction for a long time.

    There are many things to think about when choosing a substance abuse programme. You have to consider your specific addiction, how severe it is, the type of treatment you need, the price of rehab and your insurance cover. Speak to us about the benefits of a 3-month programme and let us help you decide if it’s the best option for you or a loved one.

    Where are we

    Recovery Centre at White River is located in Mpumalanga, South Africa. We are situated less than 10 kilometers from the centre of White River and the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.

    Our addiction recovery centre is a 4-hour drive and 1-hour flight from Johannesburg. We offer a collection and drop-off service in a luxury shuttle bus. White River is the gateway to the safari hub of South Africa and offers some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

    How we can help

    We understand the complexities of addiction treatment and the underlying mental disorders that often go hand-in-hand with this debilitating disease. Many of the support team at Recovery Centre at White River have walked their own path of addiction recovery and can draw on their own experiences to help you.

    Each person who joins us works closely with a team of addiction care specialists. The team is made up of a psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, therapists, nursing sister and nutritionist. Your receive individual therapy and participate in group therapy and activities while taking the time to eat better, exercise and enjoy quality healing sleep.

    Our approach is to cover all the bases to give you the best chance of lasting drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

    Our goal

    Everything we do is with one goal in mind… to put you on the road to lasting recovery.
    To reach this big milestone, we set our own goals:

    • help you breakout from the physical stranglehold of addiction
    • help you understand the root cause of your addiction
    • change how you think, respond and react to addiction triggers
    • equip you with the tools to handle challenges in the future
    • give you hope for a chance of lasting recovery
    • support you when you leave us
    • be there for you if you relapse

    What we offer

    Our faith-based South African rehab offers a safe place to stay, an experienced support team, the tools you need to overcome addiction, comfortable accommodation, 24-hour care, healthy meals, daily exercise and aftercare support. Our comprehensive, faith-based approach integrates the following aspects:

    • assistance with medical insurance and travel arrangements
    • medical detox at an offsite facility
    • a safe and secure place to stay for long-term rehab
    • 3-month addiction treatment programme
    • individual and group therapy with qualified counsellors
    • medical professionals who specialise in addiction care
    • dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental disorders
    • comfortable shared or private accommodation
    • onsite activities and day excursions
    • daily exercise
    • nutritious, healthy meals
    • aftercare support
    • family counselling

    Types of addictions we treat

    Recovery Centre at White River treats both substance and non-substance addictions:

    Substance addiction

    • alcohol
    • drugs
    • prescription drugs

    Non-substance addiction

    • Internet
    • social media
    • gambling
    • porn
    • sex
    • food
    • work
    • exercise

    Most people think of alcohol and drugs when someone is living with an active addiction. There are many other types of addictions that people seek help for at a center for addiction treatment.

    Some are physical addictions, while others are behavioural addictions.While these may be vitally different from each other they can nonetheless wreak the same havoc. Both addictive substances and addictive behaviours can change the structure of your brain, cause devastating side effects, destroy relationships and careers, and can even end your life.

    Inpatient treatment programme

    Recovery Centre at White River is a residential rehab facility for inpatient treatment. We provide shared or private accommodation in a country homestead that’s been lovingly restored and furnished to create a home-from-home environment.

    Which is best? Inpatient or outpatient drug rehab?

    This is a common question that people ask when trying to find long term rehab centres in South Africa.

    Both rehab options have their benefits. Your choice depends on the severity of your addiction and personal circumstances.

    Inpatient rehab facilities provide an intensive treatment programme designed to treat serious substance abuse. Staying on the property allows you to focus on yourself, attend individual and group therapy sessions and receive 24/7 care from addiction specialists.

    An outpatient drug rehab centre allows you to attend daily or weekly treatment while still going to work or college. The success of outpatient rehab depends on your ability to regularly attend and participate in sessions. If you feel that you need more structured and monitored treatment for substance addiction, you may want to consider an inpatient facility.

    Have you relapsed?

    Relapsing is not a failure. It simply means that you have more work to do on yourself and you need to be reminded of the tools you already gained in your arsenal during your treatment for drug addiction. It’s important to remember that even the best rehab is not a quick fix. You leave the sanctuary of a drug or alcohol rehab and have to face the same everyday challenges and triggers that brought you to us in the first place. We are always here for you. Come back to us and we’ll carry on with the therapy you need to overcome addiction.

    There is always hope for addiction

    The starting point of addiction recovery is hope. It is not wishful thinking to imagine a life free of the pain and suffering of your addiction. Hope is simply the belief that you have the support and the inner strength to beat addiction.

    When you’re battling with the destruction of addiction, you can lose all hope of ever living a healthier, more fulfilling life. Never give up hope. With caring people by your side, the right tools and a solid focus on your goals you have a strong foundation for rehabilitation from substance abuse.

    Accreditation and rating

    Recovery Centre at White River is accredited and certified by the South African Department of Health. Our addiction treatment center is rated as a 3-star rehabilitation facility by the Rehab Grading Council of South Africa.

    The RGC of South Africa was established after it became apparent that there was a huge discrepancy in standards of the various rehab centres in South Africa. The star-rating provides clients with a guide to the level of professional addiction care and comfort offered by the facility.


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