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Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre in South Africa

Recovery Centre at White River has continued to offer full-time addiction care throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We have implemented strict protocols to create a virus-free bubble for our staff and residents. These include providing a negative Covid test on admission, contact tracing, social distancing, and government-mandated preventative measures, quarantine, and frequent testing.

We can help you overcome addiction with the best care and treatment programme
 Recovery Centre at White River offers a 3-month addiction treatment programme for men and women living with active addiction. We treat a range of addictions on an inpatient basis with a comprehensive therapy plan that’s designed to put you on the road to lasting recovery.

Addiction is a complex disease and there is no quick fix. It is often accompanied by a co-occurring mental health disorder.  This why we offer a multi-disciplinary team of addiction care specialists at our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa. Our goal, as one of the best drug rehab centres in the country, is to provide you with a level of care that shows respect and compassion and the best possible treatment for substance abuse.
Recovery Centre focuses on your whole health and not just the addictive substance.

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Restore Your Destiny

Our beautiful 7 hectare facility is nestled in the famous Lowveld, adjacent to the White River and only 30 minutes from Kruger National Park. Recovery Centre offers the perfect environment for our clients to restore balance in their lives and find true freedom from dependency. Our team of multifaceted professionals have built our intensive therapeutic programme around the core values of respect, dignity and compassion. We work closely with each client to ensure that their unique individual needs are met and they are empowered to begin a life of lasting recovery.

Quality, Affordable Care

The Best Quality Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for an Affordable Price

We provide individualized care that confronts every aspect of addiction for an affordable price. Our unique 3-month programme focuses on restoring a healthy lifestyle through daily constructive and developmental activities.

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  • Passionate Staff

    White River Recovery is run by a group of dedicated passionate staff who generally care and show compassion towards their clients.

  • No Regrets

    It was challenging but worthwhile, I don’t regret one moment of it.

Our Team

Dedicated, Experienced Team

Our treatment team includes experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, professional nurses, and certified addiction counselors. All truly care about the needs of each client.

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Our Facility

Beautiful 7 Hectare Facility Nestled Alongside the White River

Our 7 hectare facility, nestled in the famous Lowveld scenery of northern South Africa, is on the outskirts of Kruger National Park. The backdrop of beautiful nearby mountains and waterfalls create a healing environment that promotes inner harmony and will help you focus on your recovery.

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Is addiction hereditary?

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Dual diagnosis

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