The Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Abuse of prescription medications occurs when they are used for purposes other than those prescribed. Using a friend’s prescription pain medication to treat your own backache is one example of prescription drug abuse, but it can devolve into the snorting or injecting powdered or broken-down pills for a high.
Despite the obvious risks, prescription medication addiction can develop into a chronic, compulsive behaviour.
Prescription drug misuse is on the rise, and it is affecting people of all ages, including teenagers. Opioid painkillers, anti-anxiety meds, sedatives, and stimulants are some of the most often abused prescription pharmaceuticals.
Prescription drug usage can be stopped before it becomes an addiction if it is detected and treated early on. In this article, we discuss the best prescription drug addiction treatment.

The symptoms of prescription drug addiction

The signs of prescription drug abuse change with the type of drug, the amount used, whether or not it is combined with other drugs, and how long someone has been addicted. Below, we explore some of the general symptoms of prescription drug addiction. South Africa is home to a burgeoning population of recovering addicts, counsellors, and specialists, making it an excellent setting for the best drug rehabs South AfricaGet in touch with us for more information on our affordable Rehab.

Common symptoms

·         Drug-seeking behaviour
·         Taking higher doses than prescribed
·         Hostility
·         Appearing to be intoxicated, overly energetic, or lethargic
·         Changes in sleep and eating patterns
·         Increased usage of alcohol
·         Mood swings relating to availability of prescription medications
·         Irritability when medication is not available
·         Withdrawal symptoms when prescription drug is not available
·         “Doctor shopping,” or visiting multiple doctors to obtain more prescriptions
·         “Borrowing” prescription medications from others
·         Using prescriptions at a much faster rate than prescribed
·         “Losing” multiple prescriptions for prescription medications
·         Crushing or breaking pills
·         Lying about amount of medication used
·         Stashing medication in multiple places around the house
·         Ordering prescriptions from internet pharmacies
·         Stealing or forging prescriptions

Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment
Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment
Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

The causes of prescription drug addiction

Opioid pills, like many other drugs, have a significant effect on the brain’s reward centre. Dopamine is released in high quantities in the brain, and if drug usage persists, the brain’s chemistry will eventually shift and become changed, leading to addiction. Many people find that the same dosage of pain medication that used to work no longer does. Building up a tolerance means taking more and more pills to achieve the same high, which can lead to serious health problems, including overdose.

Those with an opioid addiction struggle to control their desires while they experience the unpleasant effects of withdrawal. They may become a full-blown addiction, where finding and using drugs consumes every aspect of their lives, to the detriment of their loved ones, their professions, and their bodily and mental health.
There are more pharmaceuticals on the market, which may be contributing to the rise in prescription drug abuse, according to some specialists. More prescriptions are being written now than ever before, say doctors. It’s also simple to find online pharmacies that provide these drugs.
Children as young as 13 have been caught stealing from the medicine cabinets of their parents. The vast majority of young people don’t fully understand the prescriptions they’re taking, let alone which ones can be fatal when combined with others. Some people may also assume that because the drugs require a doctor’s prescription that they are safe to take.

Treating prescription drug addiction

Addiction treatment for prescription medication is most effective when it begins as soon as possible. Addiction is a chronic, persistent, and treatable condition that can be defeated with the help of a comprehensive treatment team and the best care possible.
Finding a treatment centre that works for your specific needs and lifestyle is a major obstacle while trying to overcome an addiction to pain drugs.
Substance abuse issues have been proven over many years to be treatable brain disorders. Each person’s needs and the specific drug(s) they’ve been abusing should be considered while designing a treatment plan.

Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment
Best Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Detoxification, therapy, and medication (if appropriate) could all be necessary for a full recovery. It’s possible that the patient will need to undergo several rounds of treatment before seeing optimal results. Medication and behavioural therapies (including cognitive-behavioural therapy and contingency management) are the mainstays of care for substance abuse disorders. Patients who abuse prescription drugs are assisted by behavioural treatments that aim to alter destructive thought and behaviour patterns, educate them on how to deal with urges and avoid triggers, and in some cases offer rewards for sobriety. Patients’ interpersonal relationships and their capacity to participate in job and communal life can all benefit from behavioural treatments like individual, family, and group counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is most at risk of prescription drug abuse?

Many people, especially young people, the elderly, and women, struggle with prescription drug misuse. Prescription drug abuse is most common among people aged 18 to 25.

What are the red flags for prescription drug abuse?

Actions designed to maintain or achieve a state of intoxication induced by drugs. Withdrawal symptoms can manifest themselves physically or mentally. Always needing more to achieve the same result. Drug abuse that persists despite obvious consequences.

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