Larissa du Plooy

Larissa completed her Pastoral Counselling and BA Psychology Degree at the University of Potchefstroom, but felt she wanted to gain further life experience, while she did her Honours Degree online. This journey proved to be quite interesting and she decided to work at a long-term rehabilitation centre. Larissa became passionate about the social, emotional and developmental impact on the life of someone who struggles with a process or substance addiction.

Now, almost 5 years later since this journey has started, Larissa worked with men and women in addiction, spoke on CapeTalk to raise awareness on addiction as she felt people and professionals alike misunderstand the complexities of addiction. She also managed a female programme in a long-term rehabilitation centre, started a community outreach programme and actively engaged in empowering women, while completing her honours degree in psychology.

She spent thousands of hours listening to the incredible and transformative stories of people who experienced sexual trauma, abusive relationships, adolescent neglect, work or commitment strain, failed marriages or relationships and people who lived in abundance and lost everything.

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