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I have found a purpose for my life

RCWR has been an absolute life changing experience for me. I came here looking for answers and with the help of some amazing counsellors, I have found a purpose for my life. The program just works. I’ve increased my understanding of what a balanced and structured life really entails. After these three months I feel that I have a better chance of finding happiness and fulfillment in my life.


I would recommend RCWR

I have been in and out of recovery for 12 odd years now and I can say White River Recovery Centre is the most professional facility I have attended. The key factors would be the combination of epic one on one as well as group therapy sessions. I’ve finally really, deeply and truly found out who I am and from this platform I can move forward and live a happier life. For anyone struggling with addiction no matter where you are in life I would recommend RCWR


Life changing experience of note

Coming here has honestly been the most valuable decision I’ve made thus far, a life changing experience of note. I would recommend RCWR to anyone who would like to step up and make the change they need in their lives. As this is what it has done for me. It works!


It has been life changing for me

Best Recovery process I ever experienced. It has been life changing for me. Thank you so much for giving me hope, purpose and direction again Alan Strachan and Mike Freeman I am forever in your debts for speaking love and truth back into my life. I love you brothers in-Christ to bits.


A place filled with love and support

I was broken, busted and not to be trusted. I was a 21 year old Dutch guy who slipped and fell in his constant search for happiness and fight with my emotions. I got caught by drugs that made me feel happy and comforted. That was until I was held a label above my head saying addict. Lost all my money, my loved ones, my relationships and the things I stood for. It took awhile for me to accept I had a problem and needed help. Once I did it, it led me to a place filled with people who shared the same problem as I had. A place filled with love and support. It helped me deal and shape my emotions. It taught me the lessons that will make me love myself, to see that I will do great things and that I can take life head on. White River Recovery Centre is a safe place without any judgement that drugs serenity and wisdom to your life and now I have to carry that out.


I found a sense of peace within myself

This place is really special to me. It’s exactly what I needed to kickstart my new life in recovery in every aspect, from the therapy to activities to the community environment and all its trials and tribulations. It’s a humble and good-hearted environment. For someone like me who had lost all hope as well as myself and identity, this place allowed me to come into my own and work on things I didn’t even know were there. I feel leaving here, like I have a family away from family and real friendships most important, I’m leaving here an actual, more wholesome human being who can become a functioning member of society. Not everyday was easy, but here I was safe to have those not easy days and the help I needed to get through them. I found a sense of peace within myself and foundation to a positive direction in my life and future. I will forever be grateful to everyone here laughed and cried more in the last 4 months than I can remember. This has hands down been the best and most meaningful and purposeful experience of my life.

Sense of Peace

New found value for life

I came in here broken, I thought I had come for meth and opiate addiction but I got to find out that my addiction was a deeper issue, the team here at White River helped me see my potential and a new found value for life. I’m going to live purpose driven and take back my life.


Friendly, passionate, and dedicated staff

For the past seven years I have been battling crystal-meth addiction. I lost everything because of this, including myself. I have been in seven rehabs, some very ineffective and unregistered. I lost all hope, faith, purpose and saw no use for living, until I arrived at White River Recovery Centre. Friendly, passionate, and dedicated staff treat clients with dignity and respect. The therapy presented has no equal. I highly recommend RCWR and am very grateful that I completed a 3 month program here.

Passionate Staff

This place works

This place works. The staff and the community are very dedicated and good professionals. Day and night, they are always there to help. This place works.

This Place Works

Passionate Staff

White River Recovery is run by a group of dedicated passionate staff who generally care and show compassion towards their clients.


No Regrets

It was challenging but worthwhile, I don’t regret one moment of it.


Finding Strength

I have found the strength to go out and make a success of my life.